Why Build A Desktop Application?

Here are some common reasons to build a native desktop app:

  • Offline usage

  • Needs to work reliably when not on a network​

  • Needs to offer reliable sync services

  • Familiar look & feel

  • Local CPU/GPU processing

  • You don't want to pay for all of the compute, data transfer and storage costs

  • You want to use better/faster graphics than WebGL

  • Local file system integration

  • Speed, ease-of-use, drag-and-drop, etc.

  • Local network access (for example, management of IoT devices on the local network)

  • Distribution choice

  • Deploy to app stores to reach new customers... -or-

  • Make more money - app stores typically charge 30% of revenue. Build, sell and distribute your application directly to your customers.

Desktop Development Challenges

Unfortunately, building and deploying a native desktop application does come with a few challenges. For example, how large is the deployed application? In a world of frequent updates, how do you manage deployment of updates to users?

Zadt offers solutions for these challenges - automatic updates, crash reporting, analytics, and more. We also offer free, open source templates to help get developers started quickly.

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