What is Zadt?

Zadt is a software service to help developers deploy and manage cross-platform desktop software.

More formally, it's a complete solution (including hosting management) for cross-platform desktop apps, with a server component and a client-side SDK.

Zadt History

Zadt started as an in-house tool to support consumer application deployments. We needed a solution that offered direct-to-consumer desktop software updates. In the past, we had used tools for publishing games and also platform-native tools. Unfortunately, these tools typically included fees (usually 30% of revenue) and were clunky and difficult to work with. Many of the platform-specific tools were biased toward platform-vendor deployment platforms.

Zadt Technology Stack/Approach

Zadt is built using a combination of Java, REST, a small bit of native tooling, and a lot of cloud services. Everything is managed via CI/CD pipelines, with heavy test automation (including network failures and automated security analysis).

Why the name Zadt?

The true-but-boring reason? It's just a nice four-letter domain. Think of all the keyboard stress and data traffic being saved with a four-letter domain name!

After the fact, we decided that it could be a clever acronym, like "zero-administration desktop transformation" or "zero-administration desktop transport" ... but that's a pure retcon.

Who Created Zadt?

Zadt is built and managed by Double Robot. The Double Robot team has a long history of cross-platform development across different frameworks and toolkits (Java, C#, JavaScript/HTML) as well as web services at scale.