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CreateFuse provides resources for entrepreneurs looking to grow a business from one to one hundred team members.

There's a pretty well-known lifecycle associated with starting a company.  Initially, it's probably just you or you and a few friends - maybe working out of coffeeshops, your home, or even a literal garage.

At first, the problems will include basics around business model, approach, and your first customer.  Later on, you'll have other very predictable challenges - from cash flow, to hiring, to managing growth.

At some point, you'll start to hit the threshold of individual management - usually, this happens around eighty-five staff members.  You just can't get everyone in a room to hash things out. You won't know the names of everyone who works for you - and you certainly won't have a personal relationship with everyone.  This brings new questions - do you keep growing, stay the same... or sell the company?

CreateFuse is dedicated to everyone who is interested in that most compelling venture - growing a company from one to one hundred.  I've done it several times now - and I hope you'll enjoy following as we add more tools and resources.

Maybe you'll even decide to start your own company... and be the one that leads one hundred!

     - Will Iverson

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